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Untitled (6 Spaces), 1994

Rachel Whiteread (b. 1963)

Embodying the threshold

  • Medium:
  • Dimensions:
    6 parts, total: 40 × 313 × 41.5 cm
  • Collection:
    Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre, London
  • Coll. No:

Click here to watch a short film about the sculptures by Rachel Whiteread, Mandy Havers and Barbara Hepworth in the Arts Council’s storage facility at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, presented by co-curators Tamsin Golding Yee and Alice Acland

This sculpture comprises six resin casts of the space underneath chairs. As a child, Rachel Whiteread would hide under chairs, finding a sense of safety and protection. In filling these voids with resin, she memorialises the spaces she has now outgrown, marking the irreversible progression from childhood to adulthood. Whiteread’s work invites us to consider the relationship between our bodies and the surrounding environment.  These translucent yet impermeable forms capture the tension between emptiness and fullness, positive and negative, usefulness and uselessness.