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© The Artist. Image courtesy of the artist

The Three Graces, 2019

Miranda Forrester (b. 1997)

Embodying the threshold

  • Medium:
    Oil and gloss on PVC over wooden stretcher
  • Dimensions:
    3 parts, each 41 × 31cm
  • Collection:
    Arts Coucil Collection, Southbank Centre, London
  • Coll. No:

Click here to listen to a conversation between the artist and co-curator Giulia Calvi on the artwork’s materiality, queerness, and representation of Black women in the media and in the history of art.

Miranda Forrester uses her practice to address the invisibility of women of colour in art history, challenging conventional and heteronormative narratives that are traditionally oriented towards the male gaze. In these three paintings, she portrays a queer Black body in a safe space of intimate relaxation. The Three Graces is a triptych of the same woman in different poses. Instead of using traditional canvas, the artist has painted onto a layer of PVC stretched over a wooden frame. Forrester has said of her work that she hopes this transparency encourages viewers to ‘step into the painting and really identify with that body’.