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© Imran Perretta. Image courtesy of the artist and Jerwood/FVU Awards

15 Days, 2018

Imran Perretta (b. 1988)

Held at the threshold

  • Medium:
    Film and Audio Visual
  • Dimensions:
    Running time: 12 minutes
  • Collection:
    Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre, London
  • Coll. No:

15 Days is a video composed of computer-generated images and footage taken by the artist at refugee camps in Calais, a town in northern France on the edge of mainland Europe. The title of the work refers to the nickname of a refugee whom Imran Perretta befriended while in Calais. The reason for the nickname can be traced back either to the time that has passed from the demolition of his latest camp, or to the number of days he has spent in a limbo, waiting. This highlights the temporary nature of these settlements and the authorities’ role in disbanding them. 15 Days highlights the precarity of statelessness and the uncertainty associated with refugee status, as refugees navigate both physical and political borders to try and cross into a place of safety.

To read an essay about ‘15 Days’ by co-curator Angelica Jopling, visit pages 68-73 of the Catalogue

[Video ID: The video shows the ground of a forest, filmed by a hand-held camera in motion. After three minutes and twenty two seconds, the view changes to a view of a tent on the right of the screen and three dead trees in the foreground, with a video recording playing in the background. End of ID]