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Both Sides of Here: Artistic Encounters at the Threshold  is a digital exhibition by the MA Curating the Art Museum students at The Courtauld Institute of Art. It is the product of a shared vision between ten emerging curators from across Europe and the US, with different voices, backgrounds and experiences. Created over the course of intermittent UK lockdowns, the students have embraced the potential of the virtual space to create an exhibition that explores the dynamic opportunities of a digital platform. It was in this liminal space that Both Sides of Here was born. 

This exhibition reflects not only this unprecedented moment of transition for the world, but also the many moments throughout history in which people have confronted both physical and conceptual thresholds. With artworks from The Courtauld and the Arts Council Collections, Both Sides of Here draws attention to visible thresholds, such as in architecture and the body, as well as more hidden thresholds that address the intersectional boundaries of race, class, and gender. 

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Alice Acland

Interpretation & Finance

Alice is from London and is working on Interpretation and Finance for #BothSidesofHere. She studied History of Art at the University of Leeds where she indulged her love of miniatures researching 17th and 18th Century Dutch Dollhouses. She is interested in the display of women’s material culture as well as examining museum gift shops as curated spaces.

Anna Bonsink

Project Manager & Finance

Anna is from the Netherlands and is currently living in London. She is Project Manager for #BothSidesofHere. Anna has a background in music and studied the violin at different conservatoires, but developed a great interest for Art History and Museology during her Bachelor’s at University College Roosevelt. She is passionate about accessibility and inclusivity in the art world and is interested in cross-disciplinary approaches to curation.

Giulia Calvi

Press, Marketing and Social Media & Catalogue

Giulia is from Italy and is working on the Catalogue and with the Marketing team for #BothSidesofHere. She studied Philosophy at King’s College London and then moved on to Curating after developing an interest for Aesthetics. Giulia doesn’t know how to like things casually, and she is most passionate about queer art and the way collective memory and legacies of difficult heritage can shape historical and societal narratives.

Margherita Dosi Delfini

Creative Production & Collection Liaison

Margherita is from Milan and is working on the Video and Audio production for #BothSidesofHere. She also supports the Collection Liaison team. Margherita studied History of Art at The Courtauld, where she developed a strong interest in the relation between collective memory, architecture, and spatial networks. She is investigating how cross-disciplinary curatorial approaches may offer solutions to the question of how we will live together in a future threatened by climate emergency. 

Lorenz Ecker

Website Development & Finance

Lorenz is from Vienna and is working on the Website Development and Finance for #BothSidesofhere. He studied History of Art at Leiden University and University College London, focusing on Digital Art and the work of Maria Lassnig. He is interested in the collecting practices and presentation of internet art, both online and in physical space.

Katherine George

Collection Liaison & Press, Marketing and Social Media

Katherine is from Brighton and is working on the Collection Liaison and Marketing teams for #BothSidesofHere. She studied History of Art at Edinburgh where she was equally interested by the representation of gender, race and sexuality in Renaissance art and feminist artists of the 1970s who worked with digital media. She is currently obsessed by the idea of the artist’s studio as the crux of creativity.

Tamsin Golding Yee

Creative Production & Interpretation

Tamsin is from London and is working on the Video and Audio production for #BothSidesofHere. She also supports the Interpretation team. At Cambridge, she pursued her interest in archival and diasporic contemporary art, with a particular interest in new digital media. She has recently found out more about transnational collecting practices across the world, fascinated by the museological links between the U.K and South-East Asia. 

Angelica Jopling

Public Sculpture Liaison & Public Programming

Angelica is from London and is working on Public Programming and Public Sculpture Liaison for #BothSidesofHere. She also supports the Website Development team. Angelica studied History of Art at Stanford University where she developed an interest in non-traditional studio and exhibition spaces and how they can serve artists and communities. Now, Angelica is exploring interdisciplinary curatorial approaches to art that catalyse social, political, and environmental change.

Nina Ledwoch

Collection Liaison & Press, Marketing and Social Media

Nina is from Warsaw and is working on the Collection Liaison and Marketing teams for #BothSidesofHere. She studied History of Art at the University of Oxford and developed an interest in feminist performance since the 1960s, with a focus on pieces extending the functions of the body, as well as performance centred around pain and affect. Nina is now excited to start exploring themes of representing the spiritual within the museum space and its implications for collecting strategies.

Taylor Zakarin

Public Programming & Public Sculpture Liaison

Taylor is from New York City and is working on Public Programming and serves as the Public Sculpture Liaison for #BothSidesofHere. She studied History of Art and Visual Media Studies at Duke University, where she wrote her dissertation on the dialogue between Robert Rauschenberg and Soviet nonconformist artists and served as co-curator of a correlating exhibition pairing works from the collection of The Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University and The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation. Taylor then moved to Dallas, Texas where she oversaw installations and both the curatorial and educational program for The Nancy A. Nasher and David J. Haemisegger Collection at NorthPark Center.


We are deeply grateful to all the individuals and institutions who have supported and championed the making of Both Sides of Here.

Our sincere thanks to Dr Barnaby Wright, Deputy Head of the Courtauld Gallery and Daniel Katz Curator of 20th Century Art, and Beth Hughes, curator at the Arts Council Collection, who have been so generous with their time, expertise and insight. They have supported our exhibition and vision from the early stages of its creation and have made the prospect of combining these two very different collections feel both feasible and exciting.

Our sincerest thanks to Dr Ernst Vegelin, Director of The Courtauld Gallery, and Deborah Smith, Director of the Arts Council Collection, for their generous permission and encouragement to use and reinterpret works of such historic and contemporary importance.

Our thanks also to several individuals at The Courtauld who were so helpful in providing insightful and thorough feedback in a series of presentations: Dr Sussan Babbaie, Graeme Barraclough, Maarten Bassens, Dr Alexandra Gerstein, Dr Ketty Gottardo, Dr Karen Serres, Dr Rachel Sloan.

We would like to extend thanks to all of the artists included in the exhibition. Notable thanks to the artists Olivia Bax, Miranda Forrester, Mandy Havers, Timothy Hyman, Linda Karshan, John Maine, Jon Thompson and Alison Craighead, who have supported and enriched our project by giving detailed interviews with the curators. It is truly an honour to have had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their work and process.

Our profound thanks and appreciation to Jacky Klein, who has led us in the making of the exhibition. Jacky’s energy, support and encouragement have been fundamental in navigating the challenges of making an exhibition in this particular moment, and her enthusiasm has truly enriched the concept, design, delivery and holistic nature of Both Sides of Here. Our thanks also to Martin Caiger-Smith, our Head of Programme. Our first semester of academic work with Martin laid a strong foundation and understanding of the vigour necessary in curatorial practice and exhibition making.

Our exhibition concept and interpretation approach has immensely benefited from the guidance and skill of Sam McGuire and Dr Esther Chadwick, who instructed us in a series of Language and Interpretation sessions during our second semester. Particular thanks to Sam, who spent considerable time working with us on our interpretation material, and challenged us continually to think clearly about our audience, message and approach.

We are lucky to have collaborated with a wide variety of institutions and individuals in the making of Both Sides of Here. Our exhibition website was made by Martin Edwards with the assistance of Kevin Cunningham and John Foster at Spin-Up, with design assistance from Seamus Edson. All audio and video content for the exhibition have been respectively produced by Michele Bianchin and Ed Prosser. Shreeji News has been instrumental in supporting our film screening – a key part of our public programme offer. Thank you to Hattie Harding and Nadine Muncey, the dancers at our public event at John Maine’s Arena. Special thanks to Michael Rosen who generously recorded an extract of his book Many Different Kinds of Love (2021), and to Susanna Clarke for allowing us to include a section of her book Piranesi (2020) in our audio interpretation.

Finally, notable thanks to the poet, Maggie Smith, who on this occasion generously allowed us to reproduce Threshold in our catalogue. Threshold was absolutely seminal from an early stage in developing and broadening our thinking about the spaces in-between; Both Sides of Here takes its name from Smith’s poem, and we are enormously grateful to her.

Our thanks also to

The Courtauld Institute of Art and The Courtauld Gallery
Eva Bensasson
Leyla Bumbra
Grace Davenport
Dr Acatia Finbow
Aaron Gibbons
Amy Graves
Dr Karin Kyburz
Coralie Malissard
Alexandra Mitchell
Geoff Moss
Daisy Taylor
Ashleigh Toll
Anthony Tyrrell
Dr Grace Williams
MA Curating the Art Museum Students (2019–20)

Arts Council Collection
Grace Beaumont
Robert Hill
Heather Welsh

The Hepworth Wakefield
James Baxter
Natasha Lyons

The National Gallery
Alice Calloway
Alicia Masson

The National Theatre
John Langley

Shreeji News
Gabriel Chipperfield
Sandeep Garg
Maysoon Matthysen

Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Zoë Carlon
Natalie Rudd

Particular thanks to the artists and their galleries and estates

Olivia Bax
Shawanda Corbett
Miranda Forrester
Paul Graham
Bob Jardine
Mona Hatoum
Mandy Havers
Damien Hirst
Timothy Hyman
Linda Karshan
Karen Knorr
Richard Long
Markéta Luskačová
John Maine
Imran Perretta
David Redfern
Jon Thomson and Alison Craighead
Rachel Whiteread
Alberta Whittle
Stephen Willats

Anthony Reynolds Gallery
Corvi-Mora, London
Felix and Spear
Hepworth Estate
Imran Perretta Studio
Make Space Studios
Mona Hatoum Studio
Salon 94
Standpoint Gallery, London
Studio Stephen Willats
The Estate of Francis Bacon
The M.C. Escher Company
Victoria Miro Gallery
White Cube Gallery